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Tiger in Ranthambhore

Ranthambhore is one of the largest national parks in north india. It is situated in sawai district of south of Rajasthan, 160 km southeast of Jaipur about 110 km northeast of Kota and which is also the nearest airport. The nearest town and railway station to ranthambhore is at Sawai modhpur, about 11 km away kota is another station as all trains stop here. Northeast India Travel Packages 

Ranthambhore was established in 1995 as the Sawai modhpur game sanctuary by the Gvernment of india and was declared one of the Project tiger reserves. Auckland Anniversary Day 2015 and Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta 2015This park became a national park in 1980.

Ranthambore Wildlife sanctuary is well known for the tigers and it is one of the best places in India to see these majestic predators in the Jungle. These predators can be easily seen even during the daytime. A good time to visit Ranthambore National Park is in November and May when the nature of the dry deciduous forests makes sightings common. Its deciduous forests were once a part of the magnificent jungles of Central India.

Ranthambore is best known for its large tiger population. As tourism in the park increased, so did the population of neighbouring villages. This led to increasing amounts of fatal human-tiger interactions and poaching.  The Indian government started Project Tiger in 1973 with an allotted area of 60 mi2. It was later expanded to become what is now called, the Ranthambore National Park. Besides tigers, the reserve has thriving bird population with more than 270 species.

Rides are carried out at 6:30 and 2:30 each ride lasts for about three hours. There are two facilities of vehicles for the safari 20 seater open top canter or 6 seater open top gypsy. Each ride costs Rs 700-800 per person. The core park area has been divided into several zones and the safari vehicles go on one of those zones. Since there is a good chance of not sighting a tiger in one outing, people here take more than one safari.

Jaipur 160 km is the nearest airport from Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary.

Buses also connect Sawai Madhopur, the nearest town, to all the major cities within the state of Rajasthan. The frequency of direct services though is not very great. Mostly people hire a car or a taxi from Kota to Ranthambhore. Kota - Ranthambore is a highway and can be easliy covered in 1.5 hours easily.

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Ranthambhore National park

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